Demonik pitches

The first was at Vivendi Universal which took forever to get to because the 405 is and always is a nightmare. There were nearly a dozen guys from Vivendi. One interesting difference between the gaming industry and the movie industry is the business cards. Everybody has them and everybody uses them. After the introductions, Brad did a little intro, then asked me to introduce myself and tell what I’ve worked on. I did my quick pitch then the design boys ran the demo.
Looks like a very cool game. It would tough to keep up when they would break into the business gaming jargon, but I think I caught the gist. There are developers who create the game from story to finished product. Then there are Publishers who put up the money. I think the hurdle in our situations is that Tiger Hill falls somewhere in between. They introduce developers to publishers. The problem is, most publishers these days have their own in-house developers. Tiger’s big offer is what John Woo’s name brings to the table. He has Hollywood connections, IP and his name should and probably will carry a game. I may have that wrong but that’s what I gathered.
But overall they seemed very impressed with the game and the story. Of course, I clearly can’t tell how a Hollywood meeting goes so I’m not even gonna try to guess the outcome of this one.
After the meeting we dropped by Tiger’s office then carovan’d out to Calabasas where we had our meeting with THQ. The mood was different. Brad and Lori must have detected something because Lori whispered to me to do the three minute pitch while Brad was still doing the intros.
I did the three minute and the developers showed the demo then the guy we pitched proceeded to tell us why he was passing. Always a bummer but I got no problem with a guy telling me right then and there rather than allowing me to get my hopes up.
I left them and ran down to Woodland Hills to pick up Mel. She visited the eye doc again where she was told they would not do surgery on her. That she should come back to them in ten years when her eyes have gotten worse. Mel was clearly bummed….and due to all the tests…even more blind than before. It sounds like her eyes are so bad they are afraid they could actually make them worse. So they want them to get worse before they’ll even try to make them better. Okay, sure.
We boogied back to the Commons and met up with Lori, Brad and the developer team for dinner. It was fun. Mel was the life of the party and I drank Chopin on John Woo’s tab. Thanks John.
Tomorrow we have another pitch with Take2.