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In answer to a Twitter thread from last night between Robert Fure, Brett Gallman, Mike Breiburg, Fred Topel, and Tyler Foster…

Ignore the fact that Jason X opened at 6.8 million and was considered a bomb (that’s 1.8 million more than Drive Angry for the kids keeping score). When I started working on it I always had delusions of grandeur that we’d shoot two follow ups. Why two? Well, before Jason X was just a squirt in daddy’s pants, much of the time spent at Cunningham Films was spent working on versions of Freddy Vs. Jason that would never see the inside of a theater. One of the best scripts, in my opinion, derailed after SCREAM opened at 6.3 million (that’s 1.3 million more than Drive Angry) but grew to 100 domestic. Suddenly FvsJ HAD to be self aware like SCREAM. Those self aware drafts never worked but SCREAM had truly changed the face of horror. AND rumors started floating around that Kevin had always designed SCREAM as a three picture story. I wondered if that was BS but either way it was a brilliant way to create hype and anticipation for two more movies. So, I figured why not do the same with Jason X?

The opening of Jason X was supposed to take place sometime after FvsJ. At least in my mind the plan was to never name a date of Jason’s freezing so that the present day storyline (FvsJ, FvsJ 2, etc.) could continue without JX getting in the way.

At the end of JX, Uber Jason’s remains would end up on Earth II.

In JXI he would be brought back in a lab from DNA that survived reentry. Or magic. Or religion. Or lightning. What? Those too far fetched? The bulk of the story would take place on Earth II in a Bladerunner city (that was the original take by the way but deemed too expensive to shoot). Unable to kill the varmint who can’t be killed, Earth II survivors send him back in time to kill his former self thus wiping his existence from History. What? Too far fetched? The object of JXI wasn’t to see that plan fulfilled, but to simply get him into the worm hole. Thus, someone eles… sometime eles’s problem.

JXII would open on a young, pregnant but barely showing Pam… as Uber drops from a wormhole. Or portal. Or Tardis. But Uber stalking young Pamela “Conner” was considered a bit too Terminator so a plan B was created.

JXII would open in the past allowing us to meet past Rowan just before the military action that would lead to the secret underground base at the opening of Jason X. Rowan goes ahead to the lab to prepare. But then Jason spanks the military. A complete and utter wipeout. The boys in camo never had a chance. As Jason is just about to kill Hot Scientist girl, Uber Jason drops from a worm hole… or portal or Tardis. Run, kill, chop, slash. Hot Scientist figures out Uber is from the future because she’s like a scientist and stuff. If Uber Jason kills past Jason then metal version vanishes and both are gone. Of course, Uber Jason does not kill past Jason. Other way around. Past Jason barely survies the final fight leaving him vulnerable to the military. Movie would end with the military taking advantage and capturing Jason, locking him in chains and taking him the the secret underground facility where Rowan prepares to run tests on him. Circle of life, complete.

Are there holes? Sure. Could they be fixed? Sure. Am I gonna fix them? Nah. There’s no money in it. :)

But if I were asked tomorrow would I do it as mapped out above? No. Lots of things I’d do differently now. Brian Collins wondered in his JX review at Horror Movie A Day, why we didn’t tie Jason’s regeneration to the regeneration technology used in the future. It’s both a brilliant idea and a no brainer but we never thought of it. So if we were gonna do a follow up today there are lots of considerations created by ten years later. BUT that’s not the point of this. The point is, this is what I was thinking back in 1999: sequel on Earth II, Finale back in time on Crystal Lake.

As for now though, I’d be happy with a blu-ray. And a screening at the New Bev. :)

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Hey, I remember those drawings! ;)

I like the time traveling element, and the circle of life. Having been in charge of collecting the continuity errors and other bloopers for the site, being able to loop back around to explain earlier events is a fanboy/girl’s dream. Especially when it’s written well! :D

I’m going to go ahead and assume that SSC would be “improving” the dialog on both sequels to keep things hip and fresh. If that would have been the case, these would have been surefire hits.

Far out! That time travel component in XI & XII would’ve been great for the franchise, a shot in the arm for the F13 series a la Star Trek Reboot, only a decade earlier.

Oh man, what could’ve been.

Pregnant Pam fulfilling the final girl archetype and surviving that ordeal, would’ve added another layer of motivation for her actions in F13 (1980).

Those drawings! I remember them as well, can’t remember if they were posted on the old F13 site or just the forum, back when it was called “Jason 2000.” ;) Though I was never the biggest fan of sending Jason way, way into the future, I would have definitely been interested in seeing Jason in a Blade Runner style landscape. It could have been what Jason Takes Manhattan should have been.

Can you spill any details on those aborted FvJ scripts? It’s kind of sad how much time in my life has been dedicated to the development of that movie, but it’d feel like old times hearing what could have been with it.

I know that the New Year has passed but I want to congratulate all the New Year: to you Todd and all of you on this site!!

Usually I follow this site but never participate. Todd really can write great scripts and articles that bring great experience for us young writers.Thank you Todd’re the best!

I posted a very similar idea on the old F13 forums back in 2002 or so. Except I had the wormhole taking Jason (with a protagonist) through previous movies in the 80s (like Back to the Future 2 had Marty go back to part 1). I had the finale in 1950’s Crystal Lake and the protagonist seeing young Jason about to drown, and stopping it. This could have 2 endings- it causes big evil Jason to cease to exist- or it does nothing, meaning Jason was evil all along.

The budget is what truly hurt Jason X. Well, also the fact that the movie was leaked nearly 3 months before it was set to hit theaters. It suffers because of this, mostly in the sets and computer effects, but I understand you can only do so much with a little bit of money.

The story is cool at least. Earth rots away, he’s cryogenically frozen, and thus brought back to life with advanced technology. I have weird tastes in horror/sci-fi and admittedly I love fake technology and futuristic cheesy space stuff. No idea why. Jason X had all of this and then added Jason. Yeah!

Still, this is a foreign concept to general fans of Jason who are used to seeing him romp around a campground. Jason XII sounds cool, but I’m a sucker for anything Voorhees, so I may be a slightly biased.

Dude, have you forgotten how badly failed Jason X?

Keep away from F13-series, it is just not for you. Will be much better if you finally write the script for Halloween 3D…

Why do not you go with this idea to Patrick Lyusser?

He probably could do with this idea something better than James Isaak. Made these films in 3D, and maybe they do not fail, like JX.

Jim Isaac is a pretty awesome person. His effects background is more than enough cred to land him projects. Jason X was fun, but had shoddy execution. I remember reading the rough draft of the script before seeing the film and having a blast with it. I also don’t think the effects work were terrible at all, either. I just didn’t dig the DTV look, the score, and some of the production design. Uber Jason should have looked a lot cooler, and less like a Power Rangers villain. Otherwise, it could have been a lot more successful, imo. Jason X wasn’t a failure due to the result of just one person. The intentions were in good spirit. The budget just couldn’t provide for the concept.

The whole idea of Jason being in space, someone should be shot for that. Completely retarded and since everyone knew that it added to the box office failure. Mixing that with the fact that Jason was stuck in a new planet absolutely killed any chance of a sequel. For this reason more than any other, the movie never should have been made.

I loved Jason X so much and am really disappointed that more movies in that universe were not made.

I wanted to ask you long time ago: if you scripted sequel to JGTH, what it would be?

I mean without all that space and Freddy bullshit, just continuation to Adam Marcus film?

Estaría muy pero muy buena la idea de hacer Jason XI y Jason XII :) OJALA algún día puedan hacerlas.
Me encantaría verlas :’)

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