New Screenplay

Lussier and I are working on a new super secret gig. We have a great producer, big studio and strong actor already with us. I just finished the first draft. Gonna give it a quick read then shoot it over to Lussier to do his pass.

I took some chances. Tried some new stuff. I think it’ll blow him away.

I’m going to attach a couple pages, dear reader, just to give you a taste.

All Work

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Depends how detailed my outline. H3D took 8 days of sleep, eat, shit and write. And it was FUN!

If I do the Stephen King ON WRITING method of stream of consciousness, it can take longer. Month is normal.

Oh. Just read the first few pages. So basically, takes you an entire winter in isolation for a first draft.

So this fella Jack … I’m assuming he’s a hard worker?

’cause my remodeling project has stalled and the garage needs cleaning and since we’ve had rain the weeds are getting pretty tall …

I hope that this secret gig is sequel to DriveAngry)))))))
Just kidding ,I know that it is not, but still love this movie.

All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.

Is it an adaptaion of Araby ARABY or BIG SUR. Or is hollywood remaking THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI? Kinding…

The “Sunday” computer virus, a member of the Jerusalem virus family discovered in 1989, contained a reference to the proverb. Infected files will contain the string “Today is Sunday! Why do you work so hard? All work and no play make you a dull boy! Come on! Let’s go out and have some fun!” The virus’s payload prints the proverb on the screen and then deletes all files running while the virus is a resident in the memory, as the original Jerusalem did every Friday the 13th.

All work and now play makes K-HjLL a dull boy… :)

Oh god. PLEASE say you are NOT joking! Please say you really ARE doing this story?!! I would so
love to see your take on one of my favorite S.K. stories!!

We just finished a new screenplay, it is, however, not The Shining. That was just my way of being funny.

That said, Lussier and I just started an adaptation of a Stephen King book… but, it is still not The Shining. However, we couldn’t be more excited. :)

STILL!! Your brain (& writing) + Stephen King’s brain (& writing) equals Horror Heaven on-screen. Please excuse that sound… it’s me girly sqealing in happiness at the thought! ;)

After reading Drive Angry and unable to put it down I had to find out what you are up to next as a writer. If it is a new angle on Hellraiser it would be amazing. You are a fresh new talent in the horror genre.

Todd, I am a big fan of your work. I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to get started writing screenplays, how to get them to the right people, and maybe some do’s, and donts. Thanks for your time, and I hope you keep the good movies coming.

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