Whitley and Demonik Take2

Met Mike, Whitley and his son Andrew at a Starbucks in Santa Monica this morning. We chatted through the story and I’m gonna get started on the Outline as soon as I’ve read through the books. One of the steps calls for an outline so it’s all good. I’m thinking I might write the outline in script form because I want to play around with the characters and story in detail so I can better figure out night two. But the meeting went great and more and more I’m impressed at Whitley’s support.

The Take2 pitch went great too. The designers had to fly back to Texas so the plan changed slightly. Brad had stayed up all night learning the demo so he could play it. After my pitch Brad went all video while Lori and I did the commentary. These guys talked like they wanted to pursue it. They said they would draw up an offer.

Only thing that bugged me was Brad’s set up was different this time. He basically said they were new and what they were trying was new and they realized they’d have to prove themselves. It sounded to me like he was saying they’d take whatever offer came. Hope I heard that wrong. I ain’t bargain basement and neither should they be. This is a great game and a great story and it’ll make bank.

Tomorrow Patrick and I head to Paramount with Glenn to pitch Narcosis. But I’m hearing some horror stories about Paramount. Sounds like they are all about to get fired.