Me fifth element – supreme being. Me protect you.

It’s time for action. Time to attack. Time to take the fight to them.
Spent the morning brainstorming assorted spec ideas. Once a year I’ll meet with my agent to discuss the status quo and alter the plan of career attack if it’s needed. So, I’m journeying to ICM on Monday to have a sit down with Nicole.
I’ve come up with a list of possible specs and will add to the list throughout the day and weekend.
I did speak with Brad and David at Tiger yesterday. They watched the MassD trailer and asked for the outline. They also mentioned the Painkiller crew passed on Psychopath because they want to put all of their energies into Painkiller II. Brad said they were going out to other developers. And evidently Demonik is undergoing some changes based on my first level rewrite. I’m not sure of the details but I gathered that my influence was a good thing.
The big Bloodrayne II launch party is in LA next week. Several from the Demonik team have asked, “We’ll see you at the party, right?” “What time are you going to the party?” To which I reply, “Oh, you mean the party I wasn’t invited to?” Then we have a good laugh. One must understand that I have become the bad guy. Planned or not, my concerns with story have inevitably placed me on the side of evil Hollywood screenwriter. I actually expect a last minute invite but no doubt it’ll be a political invite.
Tomorrow I’m meeting Chris Carlyle in Burbank. Chris was the Top Cow executive back when I was developing Magdalena for Valhalla. The project tanked…well, first they tanked me, then later the project simply lost momentum…but Chris has stayed in tough. He’s now with a management company and wants to have a general meeting. I don’t think I’m interested in giving another 10 percent of my income away but I guess it can’t hurt to listen to what the ol’ boy has to say.
…Ok, scratch that. He just called and asked if we could push the meeting later in the day, which I can’t do. So we pushed it to next Thursday.
Friday night we’re dining with the Loreys and Saturday we’ll hook up with them to check out and most likely heckle Paul and Angela’s wedding.
We have a ghost. And a freakily odd one at that. I’ve never met a poltergeist of its like. Its great practical joke is to take the toenail clippers and ink pens and replace them with empty milk glasses. It’s starting to piss me off I don’t mind telling you.
But then, right now, everything pisses me off. I’m into my first week as a non-smoker and I hate everything and everyone.
Mommy’s alright, daddy’s alright, they just seem a little weird. Surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away.