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So I talked to my little sister today and we’re thinking that it’s time for the Farmer Siblings to embark on a Disney Cruise. The plan is for next year sometime and I couldn’t be more pleased. Arinne would bring Tim. Rikki would bring Kendra, I’ll of course bring Mel and I guess Aarek either needs to get himself a girlfriend or perhaps I’ll purchase him an escort.
I caught Mel crying last night. She was thinking about Gus the Lorey Lab and the tears started to flow. Good dog, that Gus.
I’m still reading my little novel. I’ll read a set piece, stop, take notes then read some more. I wish I was faster. Tentatively my meeting is next Tuesday. I’ve got some great ideas and I’m excited to see where the book ends up going.
Constantin has officially asked for an extension of the option on “Riddle Me This”. I spoke with Hensleigh last week and he’s moving as fast as he can. I’ll talk with my Lawyer tomorrow to work out the details.
The Mass D trailer along with outline and Narcosis outline went to Chris Carlyle today. And thus begins the journey into the world of Graphic Novels.
Brad emailed me from Tiger Hill to say that Terence loved the Psychopath outline. And that Saga passed on the video game version which is exactly what we wanted to happen. Now we can shop it around and with Terence on board now we can start film development as well. Long way from greenlight on either but it’s a big step in the right direction.
Hi Granny. That’s brother Aarek in the background. Brother Rikki in the far background.


Kerry won the State of California by roughly a million votes. Granted this is due strongly to the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco and their overwhelming liberal presence but the numbers speak for themselves. Clearly California believed it was time for a change. They considered Bush a bully who took advantage of 9-11 to seek his own selfish gains. They believe Bush has put our boys and girls in the military at risk. They believe Bush’s actions have turned the world against us. They believe Bush’s actions will increase terrorism.
Meanwhile, California in all its liberal compassion has decided to tax Native Americans. Taxation without representation. We don’t pay for their schools or their roads but we’ll take their money. But no Todd, we’re not taxing Native Americans, we’re taxing their billion dollar casinos. We love the little red man, Todd. No you don’t. Reservation Casinos create jobs and pay for their roads, their schools, their growing economy. No California you bunch of hypocrites, you are taxing them because you are seeking your own selfish gains. You are taxing them because you are a bully.
And what will Native Americans get in return for these taxes we take? Nothing. We will continue to “not” pay for their schools, nor their roads, nor anything that taxation pays for. And why shouldn’t we screw them? We stole their land. Now we’ll steal their money. And this isn’t a problem because we aren’t losing our boys and girls to war on reservations. Indians aren’t terrorists. Indians aren’t a threat to California. Indians don’t hate us although they probably should. And best of all, the World doesn’t give a crap how we treat Native Americans and by God California cares what the World thinks.
You see, there’s really no risk. It’s win win for California. We get what we want, Indians get shafted, no one dies, no one is at risk, no one gets bad mouthed by the French. It’s the perfect plan. And they can’t even fight the vote because we waaaay outnumber them because thank god our ancestors killed most of them off a hundred years ago.
Nice work, California. I’m so proud of your two faced politics. Just don’t preach to me about the evils of Bush when you do the same thing in your own backyard.
And in the National News…today at around 1:15 pm, Michael Moore’s head exploded.

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yeah… i voted against taxing the Indians of course, i hadn’t known about it prior and when i saw it on the ballot my jaw dropped through the floor. Then when it passed i added it to my list of grievances on the back of my “i voted, i vomited” t-shirt. *sigh* congrats on four more years of bushy. ;) may your taxes be low and your bloodlust be satisfied. i’ll be in cananda until the next election if anyone needs me. *laugh* ;)

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