The Stand

So, John Carpenter is on board to direct the video game and film version of Psychopath. The game version of the story is done but I’m assuming he’ll have his own spin, which I have no problem with…considering his name will be at the top of the thing. As for the film version, I have a take in my head but am waiting for our sit down before putting anything on paper.
Clive Barker is attached to Demonik although there the paper work isn’t done. So, anything could happen.
In both situations I’m hoping Boesky will agent the project on my behalf. Boesky was one of my ICM agents but left to create his own management group late last year. He has a consultant deal with ICM now so I’m waiting on word whether or not he’ll take care of me.
Ravane, a friend of ours from the World of Warcraft, hit level 60.
We had a little party to celebrate his reaching the highest of levels in the Elfie city of Darnassas where we proceeded to drink and dance and strip as is nearly always the case. Braindead (the skeleton) from Guilty as Sin showed up. Kindrid (one of the naked Night Elves) from Goldshire. Vaygus, the little male gnome with the shockingly large man bubes. And the rest of the gang.
After leaving the Guardians of Goldshire last week we fielded offers to join numerous other guilds but in the end we formed “The Stand”. Named after the Stephen King book our tabard shows the pic of a dark tower on a blood red background. Those who have read the book will understand the tie between “The Stand” and “The Dark Tower” series.
Mike Goldstein and I had yet another successful pitch of our little serial killer procedural. Fox is clearly a front runner. But there has been lots of talk about ABC which I think is a great idea. I love the direction the network has been going and what they are missing is a solid one-hour procedural.
Goldstein also sent over a book that they are in the process of acquiring the rights. It’s a ghost story told by the woman who lived it. Mike has been going on and on about it. Gonna start the read this evening. From what he’s told me it sounds like the story is right up my alley.
I also hit the ol’ level 60 in the World that is Warcraft. I bought me a new kitty. Actually I bought the little fella several levels back. My first kitty runs 60 percent faster than running on foot. This new white kitty runs 200 percent faster. It cost 900 gold so my days of spending money like a king are coming to an end as I’m down to my last 400. In game I haven’t exactly broadcasted my new ownership of a white kitty. They’re pretty rare as 900 gold is hard to come by. But I’ve been lucky. Actually, Purity (Mel), Primo (Dean), we’ve all three been lucky with gold. We’ve made way more than most ever dreamed was possible.
But we’ve never been stingy with it. So I don’t feel bad spending it on ourselves the way we do. We’ve helped several others in-game buy their first steeds. I’ve made tons of leather armor for guildies…and most of the time at my own expense. Purity (Mel) has done the same with her weaponsmithing. Primo (Dean) with his alchemy. While others were out leveling up…we were out making money. Hey, it’s good to be king.
Niles has been sending over artwork by assorted talent for Jane and I to consider for our little Graphic Novel. I’m very excited about this little project. There’s no money up front though. I will only see money if the Graphic is successful and/if we get a movie gig out of it (which I’m attached to write).
But with so many development projects I do for free (hoping to eventually reach the point when someone eventually writes a check), well, you can’t ask for one to have been more fun to work on than this one.
We took Benita and Fessa to the lovely Scarlet Monastery and tore through the joint killing everything. Now Benita and Fessa aren’t noobs. They both have other characters that have reached the level 60 mark. But it was fun.
Mr. Washer and Ms. O’Brien are slated to wed June 11th. Unfortunately that’s the date our Farmer sibling vacation is supposed to start. So I’ve put a call in to a couple of the sibs. Gonna see if I can shift the dates around. We’re heading East anyway so we should be able to pull it all together.
So, “The Stand” is gonna get it’s own website. Jeremy and Tom who play Mandala and Ladbury from WoW are going to run and set up the site and have already gotten it underway. Today the Sexy Olga agreed to do the design. She said she’s been turning down work but the idea of doing a site for silly game guild made her laugh. I’m very excited. We will have the most amazing guild site on the net. No doubts. I’ll post the address once we’re ready to go live.
So, Scarecrow’s production draft is nearly finished and pre-production is underway. It starts shooting this month. I’ve no clue on cast or any of the fun details as I’m only the writer, one with little more power than the fella who plunges the giganto-turds from the 7-Eleven toilet on Hollywood and Vine.
As for now, it’s time to catch up on some TiVo then start reading my little ghost story.
Be safe, lovers.

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