Never a dull moment

It’s been a crazy few weeks.
I finally finished “Sleepers” for FJ and the crew behind Constantine. It has been one of those development projects that I’ve had sitting in the pile not getting the sweet lovin’ it deserved. It was running the risk of getting…too complex…I pulled it back and I love the end result. I shot it over to FJ and we’re talking about backdooring it as a graphic novel first.
I’d heard a rumor that the Clive Barker deal had struck rough waters. Turns out that’s all rumor. He’s signed and work on Demonik is moving forward. Not sure where my involvement stands at this point. But with Barker it’s in good hands. Any story concerns I may have had…he’ll handle it. And has the power to do so. Way more than I ever had. I was the red headed step child who smelled funny. Man, did I do a ton of work on that project. I spoke with Boesky yesterday and we’re gonna get me paid.
I also told him that I would like him to handle anything dealing with video games or comics…on my behalf. I selfishly miss his being at ICM. I loved that I had Nicole for features and Boesky for the vids and comics. Well, I guess that won’t change now.
He told me that Image Comics was looking to make some deals. Essentially I’d own the idea, they’d distribute and take a back end. And all goals with comics these days would be to spin it into a feature. At least for now it’s alot easier for an executive to guy a comic than to buy a spec. Something you can see and hold and lick is worth alot I guess.
So, I shot him my and Dean’s script for Thunder. My and Patrick’s outline for Narcosis as well as our three minute Mass Destruction trailer. I didn’t send him any of my single projects since essentially they’re all tied up with other developments.
I guess I should start brainstorming some new brilliant ideas but who has the time?
The little Alien project is moving right along. Although Tom and Steve are debating about the artist. I could go either way so I’m leaving this one up to them.
We did discuss other ideas and I sent them a string of ideas, including, Thunder, Mass D and Narcosis. Tom immediately sent back several pages of notes for Narcosis. Gotta love his passion.
Goldstein and I pitched David Madden over at Fox Studios. Good guy. Smart. Not used to that. We pitched him our procedural and he came back with a spin. A good spin too. I need to work out the logistics…make sure it doesn’t create any holes…but he may have come up with a slam dunk. Now, granted he’d have jack without my initial brilliance but praise should go where it’s due.
If all goes as planned, together we’ll make the rounds to the networks.
Goldstein had also sent me the book “Grave’s End”, a true ghost story for me to consider an adaptation. I liked it. We’ve met a few times and I spoke with the writer who still lives in Brooklyn just ten blocks from the house where the “haunting” took place. It’s a fascinating story.
It’s interesting to be the outsider to the unbelievable. I went through this with Whitley as well. I’ve never seen a UFO, never been abducted. Not certain I’ve ever seen a ghost. But neither Elaine nor Whitley are crazy. They are down to earth, amazingly intelligent people. And there is no maybe in their hearts. They “believe”.
Anyway…I’ll keep juggling projects and eventually work out a feature pitch for Grave’s End.
Brett from Fox has been calling Goldstein wanting more. Although he passed on “Unknown Subject” he at least seems excited to work with us on something else. Mike and I discussed some ideas and have a pretty good one. I should be able to solidify it through the weekend.
I sent a polished version of Psychopath to Tiger Hill. It was the game version but it’s now closer to what the feature version should be. I still need to bang out the quick outlines for games two and three but I have them both worked out in my head.
But there will be some changes at Tiger Hill. Johnny Woo has decided to drop the Tiger. I know why but I reckon it best I keep that tidbit to myself. Boesky’s involved and if all goes as planned Brad and David will take the projects and move on. So, from talking to David, this is actually a good thing. Demonik will stay with Woo but Psychopath will go with Brad and David. That means Carpenter and I go with them.
And as for Scarecrow, they start casting next week. I’d love to see a current draft to see just how far it’s “developed” away from my original draft. Should be interesting to see how this all pans out. Near as I can tell there are alot of fingers in the pie at this point. Of course, as long as I get my slice…
I’m so looking forward to diving back into Past Tense. I know what to do and how to do it. I keep meaning to buy some time on eBay.
And I have several thriller ideas bouncing around upstairs at the moment. But sadly they’ll just have to stay there for the time.
This weekend I may tool back into LA and check out the Hancock Park/Hollywood area. Got tons of love for Thousand Oaks…but it’s just so far away from meetings and such. I miss driving over to Barry’s for a glass of wine at 2 AM. I miss 24 hour groceries. I miss the spontaneity that comes with a big city.
Thousand Oaks has plenty of pros though. Love the people. Love the clean air. The trees. The peace and absence of choppers and gunfire. Toss in the simple fact that I’m gonna hate the headache of bringing in movers and all the grunt work that goes with it…well, the place I find is gonna have to be amazing to swing the pendulum.
Okay, enough for now. I got Starbucks calling my name.

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