You ready?

Since I’m asked about this entry alot I’m moving it to the Essay section. Thanks for all the interest.

Here’s how it’ll go down.

It’ll start with the Have-Nots. Least that’s what the History books will say.

But here’s the thing, the Haves started it. Because the Haves…have everything. They control everything. Food, entertainment, health, government, overall happiness. All this while making the Have-Nots THINK they are in control of their lives, happiness and destiny. It’s actually a brilliant bit of PR and Marketing. But eventually the Haves always go too far, get a little too greedy. It’s already started. They tighten the noose over a couple bucks and in doing so the Have-Nots wake up to find themselves plugged into a machine. Have-Nots are waking up and soon they will fight back.

Oh, it won’t be pretty. Because at first it will only be a small number of Have-Nots fighting.

Most will still be brainwashed.

Because you see, the Haves created these amazing ways of dividing the Have-Nots.

It’s easy because the Haves own all media, all print and all entertainment. The Haves have been telling you what to think, who to hate and who to love for years. They’ve also given you thousands of teams to choose from. Thousands of “causes” to keep you distracted.

Religion. While the Have-Nots bicker over whose God is THE God, while they bicker over whose method of worship is THE method of worship…the Haves get richer. Stronger.

Race. While the Have-Nots worry over skin color and stereotypes, the Haves giggle. Because the Haves know that 99 percent of all mankind, regardless of skin color…are Have-Nots.

Politics. The Haves created a donkey and an elephant. Half of the Have-Nots adore the donkey. The other half adore the elephant. So while the Have-Nots bicker whose right and whose wrong, the Haves laugh fully aware that 99.99 percent of both donkeys and elephants…are Have Nots.

So, it’ll be years before the rules of divide and conquer the Haves put in place will weaken and fall.

But even when that day comes, the Have-Nots will still have an uphill battle.

Because even though the Have-Nots far outnumber the Haves, the Haves…have money. And money buys Have-Nots with guns.

The Haves will also have the Not-Really-Haves. Those are the middle class who’ve had a little financial success. House, cars paid for, debt free, some money in the bank. They’ll function out of ego more than anything else and eventually the Haves will sacrifice them. Because while you may own your house, a true Have owns banks which own thousands of houses. You may have control of your debt, but a true Have has control of States, economies and governments. It’s the mouse who’d rather hang with the cats than the ants. Eventually though, the mouse will get eaten.

Then…even more head scratching will be those actual Have-Nots who are so deeply brainwashed within their ideology that they will fight to the death to protect the very Haves who are killing them. Like the girl who lives off her mother’s purse but fights against the Welfare System. Like the guy who has no insurance shouting to all who will listen that he does not want the government deciding what surgeries he can and can’t have. Even though at present he can have no surgeries. Ever. But the Haves will laugh. Because, let you in on a little secret, regardless where your healthcare lives, insurance or government, the Haves control both.

BUT…here’s the good news.

Eventually the Haves will lose. Because this isn’t a new story. it’s a very old story. And it’s a story that has repeated itself over and over. It’s almost a law of physics. Pick up a History book. Preferably an old one as the Haves have a tendency to have them rewritten. Lots of empires and governments and Haves have come before us. They all met the same fate. They got greedy. They were outnumbered. And eventually they were devoured.

And from the ashes…a handful of Have-Nots rose victorious…to become the new Haves.

(I actually gathered this artwork ten or so years ago from assorted sites on the net. This was back when the interent was a bit less structured and credit was rarely given where credit was due. It was also a time when the Haves weren’t interested or in some cases even aware of the internet’s existence. Oh how times have changed. I know there’s at least one Lois Royo above but no idea who all of the artists are.)


7 thoughts on “You ready?

  1. I know the first one is Boris Vallejo. Two, five and six are Luis Royo. Three and four look like Cleavenger but I don’t know for sure.

  2. What is it with naked chicks being REALLY into demons (and vice versa)? Royo. Totally Winning. As long as we don’t pit anyone against Giger because honestly? Not smart.

  3. The Romans called it “Bread and circuses”, but they said in Latin. Distract the middle class while you rule them and they won’t notice what you do.

    Give them something to argue about, even if they argue about you, if they argue with each other more than they actively do something to stop you, you stay in power. So you have CNN for 15 years, then you let a Fox news start up and everyone starts arguing more…

    Bread and circuses.

    You give a great essay on how the Haves lord it over the Have-Nots and most comments are concerned with titties and demons. You’re ready for Hellraiser. :)

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