What’s New?

My Friends

  • Dean Lorey
    Film, Television, World of Warcraft and now Novelist.
  • Tim Bradstreet
  • Steve Niles
    Horror comic good ol’ boy. 30 Days of Night. City of Others.
  • Friday the 13th
    Way more than you ever wanted to know about the Friday the 13th movies. Blake and Brenna run the site and are the best of people.
  • J.P. Targete
    JP is not only a good friend but an amazing artist.
  • The Sexy Olga
    Olga is the genius behind this site and its design. And she’s sexy too if you’re in to that sort of thing.

Hollywood Stuff

  • Boesky and Company
    A former Eidos executive, Keith Boesky brought Tomb Raider from the video screen to the big screen and for three years he’s been one of my agents at ICM — primarily handling video games and comic books. And if that’s not enough, he speaks Japanese.
  • Final Draft

Reading, Travel and Art

  • Dave Duncan
    Duncan is my favorite Fantasy writer.
  • Palin's Travels
    This is what happens when you mix humor with travel.
  • Don Maltz
    Maitz painted the cover art for my favorite fantasy series written by Dave Duncan. The original oil painting for book one, “Magic Casement” hangs in my office.

Stuff I Use

  • Firefox
    Firefox can and should replace your Internet Explorer. This is not a paid advertisement. I just dig Firefox.
  • has moved to the Gearworx servers. More space, faster and so far the best support I’ve seen.