Let’s play catch up.

The trip to Texas was just…okay. The food was good though. Nothing wrong with Texas food. By Thursday night I was feeling poorly and ended up tossing and turning all night covered in a fevered sweat. Rather than wait for my 8pm flight back to LA I took the 12:17. Of course a storm rolled in and we ended up sitting on the runway for two hours. Not the funnest time to have when you are feverish.
I came back into Mel’s open arms and spent the weekend in bed.
On the Riddle Me This front, my part is finally complete. Constanin should be cutting me a final check. Hensleigh will now take over. He’ll do his rewrite and if all goes well he should have the little flick moving forward in no time.
Since the NBC/Universal merger Sci-Fi is clearly in a place of nervousness. Still no “official” word on what is going on with “The Last Vampire”.
I’ve started writing the “Narcosis” spec. Patrick spoke with Glenn Williamson who has still received neither a yeh or neh from Paramount. Patrick said Glenn wanted to know if we’d be willing to go back to Dreamworks (now that DeLuca is gone) and Universal among a few others. We agreed that would be fine but I’ve started my pass on the draft anyway. My guess is if we’re gonna sell this thing it won’t be off a pitch. It’ll be off a script which shows without a doubt that this thing is a movie.
Gmail Logo.jpg
Devin, the Harry Potter of the computer world, hooked me up with some GMail this week. So the name Wendago now has the 1 gig lovin that only Google can provide.
I spoke with David Wohl over at the Tiger Hill. David was in Texas and escaped my biohazard sickness unscathed. We chatted and what may or may not have been accomplish during our little trip and I have decided that he’s a good man. He created Witchblade and Darkness among others while he was still with Top Cow. Big Dave’s gonna join our little City of Heroes grouping. I told him to join the Pinnacle server, create his character and give me a ring for a sidekicking.
Last night Melanie and I hooked up with Devin and the three of us hit the Commons where we dined and saw the Spideyman. Good flick. I liked it better than the first.
Enough for now. I’ve a spec idea I think I want to play around with. That or I’ll play Far Cry.