Fichtner FTW!

Bill just sent me this link. When he won the MC asked him if he was going to drink beer from a skull to celebrate.

This was Saturday night and he’s clearly still giddy from the rush!

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Bless his heart, that is adorable. He’s becoming quite the Paul Newman, isn’t he? Tell him we’re building an F-1 track in Austin. Opens next summer or fall. Just sayin’.

So anyway, I was coming on here to comment on the previous post, to say that I must humbly apologize for ever considering myself a geek, because I never once played D&D. (Being a Texas girl might have something to do with that.) That trailer looks all kinds of fun, though.

Still working my way through this site’s archives, and loving it. Now to carve out some time to read Western Front …

Way to go Bill! No one can truly appreciate the banking on those tracks until they’ve driven on one. Very hard not to hit the wall. Super cool for him!

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