Reading to the class…

Dear artist friends,

In two weeks I’m reading to Izzie’s class at school. Have been telling her nightly stories of IZZIE RAIN AND BIG BLUE BEAR which I make up as I go. Figured I’d write something along those lines.

That said… IF I were to magically receive a few pieces of art in my inbox over the next week from assorted artists then I’d tailor the story to said artwork. Artwork with no direction coming from assorted artists, threaded together by my particular brand on insanity… SHOULD make for an interesting story to tell a pack of six year olds :)

So, if you are artistically bored and have some free time email me if you have it. Or wendagojunk at gmail if you don’t.


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Jason X… I don’t really consider this part of the ‘Friday the 13th’ Frachise. The REASON is that after Jason Goes To Hell, we were expecting Freddy vs Jason soon afterwards. Well, New Line was running out of ideas for a Jason sequel, so they figure “LET’S PUT HIM IN SPACE!”. So to me, this whole movie just came RIGHT out of New Line’s ass. I mean, if the plot, special effects, writing, and everything else in this movie wasn’t so FUCKING horrible, this movie would be good. The only good part was the death scene with the girl and the liquid nitrogen. Some people say that the ‘sleeping bag’ death scene was good too, but Jason did that in Part 7 and the actress IN the sleeping bag actually did the scene; in this one they have a little animitronic thingy that kicks up every few seconds.

And I can’t end this review without talking about Jason’s mask… oh the mask…

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH IT?!?!?!?! The mask is different. The eye sockets are bent in. The mouthpiece is flat for no fucking reason, you can see it at the nose cuz theres a little arch type thing. It too fucking small! In the scene where Jason gets kicked in the chin by the ugly-ass android, you can see Kane Hodder’s chin when he gets kicked!!!

And THEN! Uber Jason has this fuckin’ Arabian sword thing that looks NOTHING like a machete.

It just pisses me off. To me, this movie was even worse than Jason Goes To Hell. The death scenes were terrible except for those two that I mentioned earlier. The kill number of this movie is 24, but 2 are accidents and 2 are suicide type things so really, Jason only killed 20. So it’s a relatively higher number than any of the other movies except for Freddy Vs. Jason and Jason Goes to Hell, which technically wasn’t even JASON the whole movie.

So all in all, see this movie if you want too, but I wouldn’t recommend spending a DIME on it. Just watch it on Sci-Fi or some shit.

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