Demonik and Vampire

Terminal Reality has pushed Demonik into overdrive. Lori and Tiger Hill sent over an outline of one of the levels for me to make a quick dialog polish. They also gave me access to the FTP site and holy wow. I thought screenwriters had it rough. You should see what game developers have to do for a pitch. It was both amazing and completely overwhelming. The game is going to look great. My understanding is that this prototype level (or treatment) will solidify a greenlight with Majesco. Not unlike a good script solidifying a greenlight from a studio.
On the Sci-Fi end…well I’m behind. I’ve made a rough pass through night two but there are still dozens of changes that need to be made and I simply haven’t been seduced by the muse…until today…at which time family issues from back in gossipville Kentucky distracted me. There are issues back there I can no longer avoid. Something has to be done.
We planned on flying out on the 17th to head back for the wedding. I might push that up. Or I may extend my stay. But one thing is certain. Todd cometh to Kentucky and he’ll be riding a pale horse and hell cometh with him.
I have not been in a fist fight since before Christmas…that is about to change. Can a thirty-something go to jail for drop kicking a twenty-something? Let’s find out. Cell phones will be destroyed. Alcohol will be sniffed out and poured in living room floors. Liars will be shattered. Wodertwin powers activated…shape of a wrecking ball.
Benton Kentucky, population: 4600 hypocrites + 100 decent rednecks too stupid to realize they are surrounded by idiots.
Home towns. Can’t live with’em. Can’t nuke’em without killing thousands of innocent lives in surrounding moron filled areas.
Let’s give a shout out to Dave Bergantino who I just noticed on IM which distracted me enough to cool off and stop my rant.
I should get some rest. I gotta get back into Vamp tomorrow and staying up all night probably won’t help that happen.