Be Bad

Demonik title.jpg
I did my part…which was nothing compared to what TR has done with their development. The prototype supposedly went to Majestic yesterday so I assume next week sometime we’ll either get a greenlight or notes.
There are still a few things up in the air. Terminal Reality has closed their deal, thus the reason they’ve already started work on the project, but Tiger Hill and Majesco are still in negotiations and my deal is attached to Tiger. Lori says the deal should be done within the next two weeks.
I turned in yet another pass on Last Vamp and will most likely start the first draft when I return from Kentucky…if not sooner.
I also spent several hours on the phone with Hensleigh and I think after three years we finally have a plan we both agree on for Riddle. We’re both going to do some research and connect before I leave for Kentucky.
Last night after Mel returned from her riding lessons we dined in Westlake and while standing in line for ice cream my ass was grabbed tightly from behind. Patrick, Laura, Devin and Victoria showed up after Devin’s graduation. We all stood around and watched while Devin and Victoria danced in the street for coins.
Tonight Dean and I planned on going out but Mel wants us to stay home and do a task force mission inside the wonderous City of Heroes. Still up in the air as to whom will get their way.